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Challenge partners

University partners

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Reasons to join as partner

Access to talents

Through the initiative, you gain direct access to talented international students & researchers from leading technical universities as well as young professionals that are skilled and eager to make an impact. 

Access to global innovation system 

DTU Skylab not only operates at the core of the Danish innovation system – but through Next Generation grants you access to promising early-stage startups around the globe, hungry to disrupt the industry. 

Stay at the beat of the industry 

Ideas and solutions proposed by our participants provide you with inspiration and the latest insights – and help you stay at the beat of the industry! 

Part of a strong industry network 

We connect public and private partners in the industry across borders, enabling opportunities for new partnerships on a corporate level. 

Global platform for your engagement

We provide the branding and communication platform to make your engagement visible at a global scale. 

Joint platform at a global congress

We create strong platforms to showcase ideas by the next generation at global summits or congresses. Four editions have been brought to life since 2018. 

We are searching for 

The initiative is funded and enabled by strong partnerships with industry leading foundations, public partners and industry. These sponsorships can vary in size from becoming a main sponsor behind the initiative financing the machine room behind it all to sponsoring individual activities in the programme. 

We are still looking for both main and supportive sponsors for 2024 NGDA, so please contact us if you or your organisation are interested. 

The young academics track builds around the students solving real life challenges proposed by a partnering organisation. As a challenge partner you get to propose a sustainability and inclusion challenge that links to one or several of the themes of the congress. We then match your challenge with 3-5 student teams from our partnering countries and support their process in developing relevant ideas and conceptual solutions that will be showcased at the congress.  

There are many ways in which you and your organisation can join the initiative apart from providing sponsorships or challenges. We are looking for mentors, speakers, judges, companies to visit and much more.  

If you are interested in hearing more about the possibility of collaboration, please contact us.